Indonesian Professor Plays Angelina Jolie’s Maleficent Witch While Teaching Theater

- 18 Maret 2023, 14:29 WIB
Ilustrasi. Dosen di Universitas Jember mengajar sambil cosplay.
Ilustrasi. Dosen di Universitas Jember mengajar sambil cosplay. /Pixabay/Lorraine Mays

PIKIRAN RAKYAT - Mrs. Dewi Angelina, a Professor in the Indonesian Literature Program and Faculty of Humanities (FIB) at Jember University, teaches using cosplay costumes when presenting theater and acting subjects in front of her class.

One of her teaching videos leaked on social media, sparking controversy among Indonesian netizens. When the video went viral on social media, many Indonesian netizens both praised and mocked her dedication. However, Mrs. Dewi Angelina responded calmly to netizens' reactions because, in her opinion, teaching using cosplay greatly helps students understand the world of actors and theater.

Not only once did she teach using cosplay, but apparently, she always uses special costumes when teaching in front of her students. Most recently, she used a cosplay character of the witch in the movie Maleficent, starring Angelina Jolie.

With a black costume, horn crown, and magic wand, Dewi Angelina appeared excited when teaching in front of her students; even the classroom atmosphere felt more enjoyable. Several students held back their laughter as the professor demonstrated some of the lesson materials, while others focused on understanding the subject matter.

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"I use cosplay as a symbol of dedication and totality in teaching because the acting subject requires it, as well as giving spirit to students to focus on listening to what I teach, and the results are very good," explained Dewi Angelina.

She explained that students usually hesitate to start classes in the morning, so she thought of ways to engage with students' interests by using various unique costumes. In addition, she also feels the lecture atmosphere becomes more enjoyable for both students and herself.

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One of Dewi Angelina's students, Malika Fadia, said she was very excited when entering the classroom.  She says Mrs. Dewi Angelina's efforts make all the subjects of acting and theater more bearable.

"We want other professors to follow Dewi Angelina's methods to increase creativity in teaching," said Malika Fadila.


Editor: Rio Rizky Pangestu


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