NTT Government to Change School Hours to 5.00 AM Sparked Controversies

- 1 Maret 2023, 08:23 WIB
Ilustrasi anak sekolah, Gubernur NTT Viktor Laiskodat memerintah siswa SMA dan SMK masuk jam 5 pagi.
Ilustrasi anak sekolah, Gubernur NTT Viktor Laiskodat memerintah siswa SMA dan SMK masuk jam 5 pagi. /Antara/Raisan Al Farisi

PIKIRAN RAKYAT - Governor of East Nusa Tenggara (NTT), Viktor Laiskodat, issued a controversial policy changing school hours of Senior High School (SMA) and Vocational High School (SMK) to start at 5 am local time. The policy triggered a huge backlash from the Indonesian public and the teachers' community.

A clip circulated online showed Viktor Laiskodat's speech ordering the local schools to change their school hours by 5 am. The Federation of Indonesian Teachers' Union (FSGI) voiced its objection to the controversial policy.

“FSGI criticizes the policy for students to go to school at 5.00 am,” The General Secretary of FSGI, Heru Purnomo, told reporters.

The Provincial Government of NTT and its Culture and Education Department have agreed to change the school hours. NTT students must now go to school as early as 5 am in the morning.

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FSGI put pressure on the Culture and Education Department to reevaluate the policy as it could be hazardous for both teachers and students. It also opened polls for students and parents to voice their opinion on the subject.

School hour, sleeping and health of student

Most of the students and parents also objected to the policy imposed by Viktor Laiskodat. The student's mental health and development were the main concern behind their objection. FSGI also explained the importance of students’ sleep hours for their growth and development.

“Sleeping is very important for health, while sleeping the body will repair itself both physically and mentally so that it can restore energy. It promotes mental and body for any activities in the day,” Heru Purnomo said.

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Editor: Akhmad Jauhari


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