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Akhir Sayembara BKSDA Sulteng, Ahli Reptil Australia Sukses Bebaskan Buaya Berkalung Ban

- 13 Februari 2020, 16:35 WIB
TIM penyelamatan buaya yang dipimpin BKSDA Sulteng bersama dua pakar dari Australia akhirnya dapat menyelamatkan satwa yang terlilit ban di Sungai Palu, Sulawesi Tengah (Sulteng).* /instagram/@bksdasulteng
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Great night last night ???????? We got the local wildlife team BKSDA together & headed out to catch the crocodile we‘re after. Once on the water the team leader asked me if we could catch a smaller croc as a training so I could show everyone what to do before the main event. Environmental conditions in the water out here are very tough, coupled with the fact this croc isn’t hungry because of the large food source in the river so we need to make sure we are as prepared as we can be for this challenge and that everyone knows what their role is during the catch. Its been a great journey over here working in partnership with this local community and the Indonesian Goverment. I’m loving being able to share my knowledge with my new Indonesian mates and show them how to catch and release a large saltwater crocodile in a skilled and most importantly, humane way. And I’ve learnt a thing or two as well which I’m looking forward to taking back to Oz. We are now honing in on the big fella to relieve him of the tire around his neck but more than anything I’m thrilled as part of this mission and to leave these key skills and education behind with this great team Stay tuned. #wildlife #conservation #education @bksdasulteng @willow_nt #indonesia #australia @australia #friends #worktogether #globalpartner

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